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Creo Sheetmetal Tutorial:

Revolve feature

Short video tutorial of Sheetmetal Revolve feature - sheetmetal from scratch.

Used feature:


Primary Wall - REVOLVE feature


In Creo Parametric Sheet Metal mode is good practice to begin create base shape with the primary wall feature - for example Revolve feature.


The cross-section for revolved wall is sketched as open section with a centerline (axis of revolution).


In the sketch you can include bends, or leave these bends as sharp corners and system can convert them automatically to bends (similar as Extrude feature).

It is possible to set configuration option smt_add_bends_on_sharp_edges (Determines if bends will be added automatically on edges with sharp geometry in the wall creation tools. Yes - bends will be added automatically. No - sharp geometry of edges will be kept.). The automatic conversion does not include sharp edges connected to existing geometry.

Note: You can set in the dashboard outside or inside radius.


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